Cell Phone Screen Shattered Without Insurance? Look Into These Repair Options

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Cell Phone Screen Shattered Without Insurance? Look Into These Repair Options

16 January 2019
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A cracked cell phone screen may seem like the end of life for the phone, but this is often an easy fix at a local cell phone screen repair shop. If you have shattered your screen and you aren't due for an upgrade and can't afford to purchase a new phone, you want to take it in to get a quote. Here are some of the things to talk with the cell phone repair specialist about so you can be sure that you get a good deal and that you are making the right decision.

How Much Is the Screen Repair?

You first need to find out what the cost to repair the screen will be. The type of phone that you have and the type of screen you want to have installed will affect the price. If you need the phone immediately and there are other phones ahead of you in line that need to be worked on, then you may want to ask if you can pay more to get your phone on the top of the repair list. They also will need to have your screen in stock to assist with a speedy repair.

Are there Other Complications?

If you damaged the screen, you may have damaged other internal components at the same time. Ask the phone repair professionals to look at the internal status to make sure that all of the features are functioning or appear to be normal so that you don't waste the time and money to have the screen repaired if the phone isn't going to work.

What Preventative Options Are Available?

Once the cell phone screen is repaired, you want to keep it in great condition. You can help do this with a couple of protective options. A liner that is clear that can go over the screen but won't be noticed will prevent the screen from shattering when it's dropped.

Not only do you want the film that is applied, but you also want to get a case that covers the edges of the film and that encapsulates the phone. These options are well worth the cost and are often very affordable.

If something happened and your screen shattered and you don't have insurance, you still may be able to get the phone repaired at a low cost. Make sure after it's fixed that you are prepared for another incident and the screen is protected. For more information, contact a local repair company like Quick Fix Smartphone & Tablet Repair