2 Tips To Boost Your Internet Speed

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2 Tips To Boost Your Internet Speed

31 March 2017
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One of the biggest issues that many people have with their internet service is that they don't seem to be getting the speeds that they feel that they deserve based on the services that they are paying for. Listed below are two tips you can follow in order to boost your internet speed.

Only Rely On Wi-Fi If Necessary

One of the best moves that you can make when trying to boost your internet speed is to only rely on your Wi-Fi signal if absolutely necessary. The reason for this is that your Wi-Fi speed is likely not going to be anywhere near as fast as the speed that your internet service provider is offering you. In addition, utilizing multiple devices on your Wi-Fi network is going to result in all of those devices getting lackluster internet speeds for the most part.

As a result, try to connect as many of your devices directly to the router whenever possible. The reason for this is that a hardwired connection is going to have much faster speeds than any Wi-Fi connection that you can achieve in your home, which means that your online gameplay will be smoother, your internet browsing will be faster, and there will be less buffering when you are watching an online video. In addition, a hardwired connection will be more easily able to handle multiple devices connecting to the internet at once without all of them experiencing a slowdown due to network congestion.

Boost Your Wi-Fi Signal

Another tip that you can use to boost your internet speed is to find a way to boost your Wi-Fi signal, mostly because when people complain about slow internet speeds it is not always a result of a bad device or a mistake on the part of your internet service provider. For example, one of the reasons that many people have slow internet speeds is due to the fact that their wireless router is positioned in a poor location within the home. A poor location within the home would be an area that has a lot of materials and surfaces around it that can absorb or block the Wi-Fi signal, such as metal, mirrors, concrete, or really thick walls.

In many cases, simply moving that router away from those obstructions can greatly increase your speed and the reliability of your Wi-Fi signal. In addition, consider buying range extenders that you can plug in around the house that will act as relays that push the Wi-Fi signal into the every room of the home in order to maximize reliability and coverage.

Speak with an internet service provider like Solarus in order to discuss what they recommend that you do in order to get the most out of your internet service and boost your Internet speed. Only relying on your Wi-Fi if necessary and boosting your Wi-Fi signal are two very effective ways of boosting your internet speed.