3 Points To Consider If You're Shopping For An Ipv4 Address

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3 Points To Consider If You're Shopping For An Ipv4 Address

17 May 2017
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The internet is a vast resource of information, but you need to be sure that you are conscious of the tools you use when browsing. One thing to consider is the type of IP address that you employ -- whether you decide on an IPv4 or IPv6. The IPv4 is a popular type of IP address that a number of people decide to use, and for good reason. So if you are in need of an IP address for your home or business, consider this information below so that you can learn about the benefits of IPv4, IPv4 market price and other relevant information. 

#1: Understand why IPv4 addresses are beneficial

There are a lot of benefits that you will enjoy when deciding to employ an IPv4 address. For instance, these IP addresses take up less memory and tend to require less strenuous programming. You'll also enjoy a vast network, as these IP addresses consist of greater than 85,000 different routers, allowing you to connect without the need of a NAT. Further, these IP addresses are incredibly flexible, while not failing in terms of security and data encryption. Understanding these benefits make it easier for you to use these addresses whenever necessary.

#2: Shop around for the best IPv4 market prices

Once you recognize the advantages of these IP addresses, you need to do business with a dealer that can sell you the specific address that you need. Ask for prices on these IPv4 addresses, to be sure that you are able to land an excellent deal. You may get different prices depending on the number of IP addresses that you need to purchase. In terms of purchasing a single address, you will typically pay somewhere between $7 and $10 per address.

#3: Make sure to protect your IP address

Reach out to a computer technician or IT professional that can safeguard all of your networks and systems to be sure that you are protecting your IP address. Investing in the service of a VPN is an excellent way to go about this, because it will mask your address to lurkers who could pose a cyber security threat. You will also need to invest in virus software and a firewall which will protect your IP address. Otherwise, you leave your network open to data breaches, illegal downloads conducted under your IP address and other potentially serious issues.

Think about these three tips when in the market for an IPv4 address. For more information, you will want to contact a company such as IPTrading.com.