3 Advantages Of Using A Engine Borescope In Airplane Motor Repairs

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3 Advantages Of Using A Engine Borescope In Airplane Motor Repairs

31 October 2017
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Whether you own a small single-engine aircraft or something larger, keeping the engine working well is a high priority as an airplane owner. Because when the engine fails it affects your ability to stay in the sky, proper diagnosis and repairs during maintenance are an all-out must. For most airplane owners, any mechanical trouble will mean bringing in the help of a technician for mechanical troubleshooting and attention. This airplane mechanic will likely bring an engine borescope during maintenance visits, which is an important device for a lot of reasons. Here is a look at some of the advantages of using an engine borescope during airplane motor repairs. 

An engine borescope makes diagnosing an engine problem a faster process. 

When your airplane engine is down, you will no doubt be in a hurry to get the necessary repairs accomplished so you can be back up and running. One of the greatest advantages of engine borescopes is the fact that they boost the time efficiency of actually diagnosing the problem. This is because the feeder line with the camera can get into all those lines and small places that would normally only be accessible by taking the engine components apart. Therefore, the mechanic will have a clearer idea of what they are working with quickly. 

An engine borescope will give you a detailed look at what the problem is. 

Airplane engine repairs can be costly, and rightly so since they are so time-consuming. However, when you are working with a newer mechanic that you may not be all that familiar with, you may be hesitant to pay what they're asking without proof of what the problem is. When the mechanic uses an engine borescope for the initial engine inspection, you can plainly see the issue that is at hand so you feel more confident about allowing them to proceed with repairs. 

An engine borescope gives you documented recordings of prior engine problems. 

When an airplane mechanic uses an airplane borescope to examine the problem, they can record the feedback they capture and save it for you as a media disc or file so you can keep it with your maintenance records. Even though the video imagery will be associated with the current engine problem, if something comes up later that is relative to that same problem, you can offer up the video as a helpful piece of information so the mechanic can tend to the issue more quickly.