Three Reasons Why App Design Is Harder Than It Looks

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Three Reasons Why App Design Is Harder Than It Looks

28 March 2018
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Apps; what fun, right? Play a game, kill time, check your checking account, kill time, read your email, etc. So simple, and yet, so satisfying. So, why not create one of your own? Well, for one, app design is not as easy as it looks. Here are three reasons why.

The App's Opening Face Has to Expand and Disappear

Tap on any app on your phone or tablet. What happens? The app expands to fill the screen, widening the opening face design until it disappears. You have to come up with an opening face/cover design and make it disappear as the app opens to fill the screen to reveal the contents of the app. That is some serious tech skill right there.

The App Has to Fit the Device

If you enter the app store on your device, you will see that there are at least two iterations of every app. They will be labeled "for phone only," or "for tablet only." Most apps are for either device because it takes a lot of program writing and it uses up extra memory space on both devices when you design a universal app.

There is also the fact that universal apps for use on all devices cost more. Consumers are less likely to pay more money for an universal app if they can get a similar phone-only or tablet-only app for less money. Ergo, you would have to select either phone-only or tablet-only, and then create that app around that particular framework.

The App Must Be User-Friendly

Apps that are hard to use, frustrate consumers, or crash every time a user tries to open it is not a user-friendly app. Apps must be user-friendly, or the popularity of your app will die all too soon. Trying to design your app idea into one that is easy to use, intuitive, rarely crashes, and is easy enough to update is a job best left to those who really know how to design and construct apps. 

Hiring App Design Services

If you really want to turn your app into the real deal, you can hire an app design company (or just a freelancer) to do the tech work. Whoever you hire can bargain for a cut of the profits, if your app makes any sales. If you are comfortable with that arrangement, you can still profit from the app, plus you get to claim it as yours. 

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