A Few Ways To Take Advantage Of Mobile In-Game Payments

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A Few Ways To Take Advantage Of Mobile In-Game Payments

15 November 2018
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If you have launched a mobile game, you have spent a lot of time developing the app and hope to make money from it. There are two ways you can generate income. The first is by selling the app. Anyone who wants to use it will have to pay before it can be downloaded to their device. The other method is with in-game payments. You may even choose to take advantage of both income types. In-game payments can be used by players to further their enjoyment of the game. Here are just a few ideas of what you can sell to make extra money.

Character Appearance

Players like to be able to change the appearance of their avatars. This can be done by allowing them to change clothes, hairstyles, or even facial features. While it is a good idea to have a few different options for people to choose from as regular game advancements, you can also have special options available for purchase. This could be special holiday outfits, exotic hairstyles, or the ability to change other aspects of their character. If the game is having some type of special event, launch special looks that people can buy if they want.

Building Materials

If your game requires the players to build different tools or factories, you can offer special packages that contain the building materials for sale. Normally, the character will need to harvest these materials on their own, taking up a lot of time. Some people may not have the experience level or ability to be able to find the materials in a timely fashion. However, they may be willing to pay a few dollars to buy the package and finish the build. This can be especially true if one of the materials needs to come from a "friend" in the game and the player does not have enough friends to get what is required. 

Consider all the aspects of your game and you will find there are many small things you can sell to the players in the game. While each purchase will only be for a small amount of money, perhaps some for less than a dollar, many people will be willing to pay this small amount to add to their game experience. There are many different solutions for mobile in-game payments. Contact a company that specializes in mobile in-game payment software solutions to launch a strategy that works best for your game.