4 Ways To Minimize Revenue Loss Due To Shoplifting

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4 Ways To Minimize Revenue Loss Due To Shoplifting

15 May 2019
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Managing a store is a great job that comes with a lot of responsibility. Among your other tasks, you have the important job of striving to minimize shoplifting. Shoplifting can cause your business to lose money. It can also make other customers feel unsafe in the presence of criminal activity. Here are four things you should do to minimize loss of revenue due to shoplifting.

1. Hire at least one trained security guard.

Security guards are your first line of defense against shoplifters. Visible security guards deter potential thieves, since they would prefer to shoplift in a store where there's less likelihood of getting caught. Have your security guard patrol your store. If they see anyone acting suspicious, your security guard will be able to follow that person to discourage shoplifting.

2. Install a closed circuit video security system.

While security guards are important, even the best security personnel can't be in two places at once. Install a video security system for better protection. Closed circuit cameras can allow one security guard to monitor multiple locations in the store from one convenient location. Place cameras in areas with expensive goods in order to minimize revenue loss. Video can also provide evidence to prove shoplifting occurred, if necessary.

3. Confront suspected shoplifters.

Confronting shoplifters when they're caught in the act is a crucial part of protecting your store's items. However, you should train your security guards and staff to confront shoplifters in productive, safe ways. Your employees should offer to ring up or put back items they catch a shoplifter trying to take; even if your employee is sure they intended to steal the item, approaching the shoplifter in a polite manner deescalates the situation, which can prevent violence.

4. Call the police right away.

If someone succeeds in stealing an item from your store, you should call the police as soon as possible. In some states, you may legally detain the shoplifter until the police arrive. In order to do this, one of your employees must have seen the crime occur. You cannot detain someone solely due to suspicion. Remember that your employees' safety should be your top priority. While you never want to lose money due to theft, it's better to lose a few dollars than to have one of your employees hurt. Encourage your employees to disengage and wait for the authorities if any situation escalates into violence.

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