4 Advantages Of Setting Up A Structured Cabling System

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4 Advantages Of Setting Up A Structured Cabling System

19 November 2021
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Setting up a structured cabling design system in your office will allow you to set up a robust network that allows for the smooth transmission of signals through the cables. This allows for secure data transmission through a unified system that will give you the fast speeds you want to enjoy. 

Better Communication 

One of the benefits of using a structured cabling system is setting up a commercial phone system. You can set up a hosted phone system for your communication efforts, such as a VoIP system. VoIP systems allow for high-quality connections so that you will always be able to hear your customers and vendors when you are on the phone. A structured cabling system will allow you to easily implement a hosted phone system that will enhance your business communication. 

Tidy Office 

Next, with a structured cabling system, you can keep your office tidy. In a modern office space, you can have ethernet cables, coaxial cables, and phone cords, not to mention power cords, crawling all over the place. 

With a structured cabling system, all those different cables are kept together. They are hidden within your wall, above in the ceiling tiles, or under the floors. They are hidden inside cabinets and within cable management equipment. You will not have cables spread out in every direction; they will all be self-contained and hiding, allowing for your office to look tidy, and to be a safer environment, as you will not have cords everywhere.  

Better Security 

When you set up a structured cabling system, you are doing more than just keeping the cords organized. You are also getting access to unique security features. When your system is in place, authorized access can be established. That authorized access can help enhance your cybersecurity, which will make it harder for someone to break into your work network and access vital business information. 

Multiple System Support 

With a structured cable support system, you are going to be able to support multiple systems. You can set up various complex systems and applications within your business. Your cable system can support your internet, VoIP software, and a highly advanced surveillance cabling system. All of your technology needs and systems can be supported through the same cabling system. You will be able to hardwire your devices, which will allow for more stable and secure connections.   

When it comes to setting up an office in a way that supports technology applications, you will want to put a structured cabling system in place. It will allow for better communication and security, support multiple technology systems, and allow you to keep a tidy office.  

For more information, reach out to a company that provides structured cabling systems.