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Welcome to my blog on technology and automation. My name is John Spielberg. I have always felt that we fail to use technology to it's fullest potential. There is so much that we do that is repetitive or unnecessary out of habit and these inefficiencies take time out of our lives. I always felt that I wasn't spending enough time with my family and I realized that much of this was because I was not using technology to cut many of the repetitive tasks out of my life. I had to undergo a reeducation in order to learn how to tech better and what i have learned is discussed throughout my blog.

Get High Speed Internet Service Providers In Fort Collins, And Get More Done

9 April 2013
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Do you want to be able to get more done with you Internet service? There are Internet service providers in Fort Collins that can give you the high speed Internet you need to get more done. With many different Internet service providers, and the latest technologies, you have more choices when it comes to high speed Internet in Fort Collins. These Internet service providers in Fort Collins, are just what you may need to be able to get more done. Read More …

Cell Phone Repair Shop In Pocatello

4 April 2013
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I have been working in the real estate industry for several years now, and it has been amazing to me to see the difference in the sales market over the years. When I first started selling real estate, it was fairly typical for me to be in my office making phone calls for a good portion of the day, but after a few years, I found myself on the road taking people on tours of houses for nearly my entire day. Read More …